Englisch an der FOS

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dear children

Welcome to the English Department of our school.Four competent and patient teachers are going to look after you and help you with your studies.English is taught twice a week with three lessons altogether in the Fachoberschule (FOS) and also twice a week with four lessons in the Berufsqualifizierender Lehrgang (BQL). The Berufsfachschule (OBF) offers English also two times a week with three lessons.This is not enough, we know, and it means you have to work hard, too. Nevertheless, we will encourage you to derive enjoyment and benefit from the Queen of Languages. Consider that English is the lingua franca of the world and is necessary in various contexts and will increase your chances of a good career in many areas.

But first things first – when you want to join the FOS, you´ll stay with us for two years.It´s helpful to have your own book. We use Focus on Success, The new edition, ISBN 978-3-06-020229-4, Cornelsen Verlag. That´s an expensive book and you can also buy it on the net. There is one written test in class 11 per semester and two in class 12. Written exams count 50% of your grade. In the class tests and your final exam you are expected to deal with grammar, outlines and creative writing in the form of comments or letters.

The BQL lasts only one year and you have to learn a lot in this short time. There are two written tests per semester which count 50% of your grade. There will be an exam in the end for your Erweiterter Hauptschulabschluss. We advise you to have your own book: Kickoff, Klett Verlag, ISBN 978-3-12-808236-3. The topics cover the world of work and basic grammatical skills.

So little time and so much work.But we are looking forward to having you with us.